The Scribe

Jane H. Smith, M.D. has authored three books in the Living Tale
Series: Henley & the Book of Heroes, Star & the Book of Treasures, and Henley & the Book of Overcomers. There will be six books in all when she is finished.

She weaves her decades of experience from helping hurting families and children into her stories so that her readers experience a fun, hope-filled adventure. Elementary to high school readers love her stories, as well as families who enjoy sharing her tales with each other. Discover how fun Medicinal Storytelling can be.

How I got started!

In 2005, I reached a tipping point. There were no new stories for my young sons to read that included the Christian and family values that my husband and I wanted our children to learn. I had enough of kids’ books pushing sexual content and witchcraft on them and calling it entertainment. I called out to God for a good story for my sons to read. Little did I know I would be the answer to my problem. Several months later while I drove to work, I started picturing a scene about a kid named Henley in a kitchen with his mom, trying to get out of eating Brussels sprouts. It played in my imagination like a movie. It took me three weeks to realize that I better start writing it down…here was my story! At first, my family and I were the only ones to enjoy the tale, but years later friends suggested I share it with more people. Well, after a lot of writing and polishing to get it just right, the first book was finished in 2009. Since then I completed two more books in the series and have three more to write before this series is finished. My sons are grown men now, so the next books will be for my grands. I look forward to sharing this story with you.


Why did I write these books?

It’s time for our children to know what a real hero is and why we need them now. Think about history. Our favorite heroes displayed a steadfastness of character that led them to their destinies. Where did they get this character? From a list of do’s and don’ts? No. Destiny-driving character is the fruit of a vibrant relationship with Jesus. And the place where this relationship is thrives is in a family. No wonder families are under attack; they are the birthplace of greatness. Great love, great courage, and great strength. My book demonstrates, through storytelling, the power of a family to war for their children and the power of The Hero’s great love in a child’s heart.


How do you connect with me?

I am available to speak in classrooms, churches, kids groups, and parenting organizations on building greatness in the next generation and developing creative writing that matters; it’s what I call “Medicinal Storytelling,” stories that heal and inspire the reader. The next generation needs hope and we need to give it to them now. Fill out the form on my Contact page to invite me to your event. Want to know more about me? Check out my blog; Destiny’s Cave. Need some help with your health? I also write about how I rebuilt from bed ridden at