Here is what a few of you on your side of the Reflection are saying about Henley and Star!

“Jane Smith has written one of the best allegories I’ve ever read. As a public school teacher for more than 20 years, I am thrilled to see a young adult book address spiritual issues in such a life-touching way. Her allegory makes things of the spirit come to life. I have loaned several copies to youth in our church and am donating copies to all of our local schools. Buy it, read it, share it, donate it. It’s definitely worth it.”

K. Johnson, Alabama


“A benevolent book? Yes, I think so. This book tells us the fascinating tale of an everyday kid, as with the help of some VERY special friends along the way, transforms into something incredible. Henley Banks’s life turns from boring to exciting at the turning of a page and I personally hope that every family in the world has the chance to read or listen to this book. Never before has a book displayed such good will in such an open and clear manner.”

K. Ainsle, 8th grade, Montana


“I was excited to a read a book written by a fellow home schooling mom! Her book blew me away. I read it as a read aloud, with my kids begging for one more chapter every time! My son was constantly comparing his heart struggles with Henley’s and realizing that he too can be a hero. What an amazing revelation for an 11 year old boy! Please read this book to your children!”

M. Kohn, Montana


“I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about “Henley and the Book of Heroes”, assuming that it would be a kid’s book (and I am far from being a kid!). In short order my skepticism was gone and I was absorbed into Henley’s world. Dr. Smith has found an uncanny way of writing a book that is at once pure fantasy while at the same time, absolute Truth. A must-read for families and kids of all ages.”

D. Garton, Montana


“An awakening awaits the readers of The Living Tale. For far too long the things of the Spirit have been taught like the lull of a bedtime story. After reading The Living Tale, I no longer need to ask how to fan the flame within. This is a must read for families. This tale brings the reality of the supernatural to life.”

Sean E. Randall, Former Chaplain United States Air Force


“Henley is every boy with a hurt, an attitude, and an opportunity to enter into a great adventure that leads to the healing of his heart. Jane Smith has written a winner about the ability of every family to love and support a hurting child, and the presence of a God who knows just how to reach each and every one of us with his love. I hope every parent reads this book out loud to his or her children.”

Julia Loren, Author of Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences & Divine Intervention: True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth


“Jane Smith is a master of using fantasy to guide her reader through overcoming fear and doubt. Working from the premise that we all have purpose, we are plunged into a story and placed into the life of the characters. The real world of the mind gives way to the fantasy world of the soul. The challenge is to combine the two worlds with our choices and achieve the very desires of our hearts. Using allegory, Jane takes us to a situation most of us can identify with and shows a path of achievement. At the same time, we are entertained with intrigue, dangers, fear, and a twisting plot that remains long after reading the final word.”

Ann Correll, author of Ears to Hear and Battle for Andy


“Star and the Book of Treasures is a great sequel to Jane Smith’s first book, Henley and the Book of Heroes. This entrancing allegorical tale is far more than an entertaining story of fantasy for children; it also powerfully opens to us spiritual keys to unlock the supernatural realm for our lives today. You will be captivated by the transformation of Star, the story’s heroine, which will inspire you to walk in your true identity as a son or daughter of the King. I highly recommend this book. This book has all the hallmarks of courage, intrigue, adventure, and the prize that is finally awarded to the Overcomers.”

Steve Backlund, Global Legacy, author of Let’s Just Laugh at That and Cracks in the Foundation