Welcome, welcome!

This website is your portal into the Living Tale. I am glad you came. May I introduce myself. I am known as Drake and am the narrator of these books. I will be your guide through these web pages. Keep your eyes open and you may even see the Gardener and Spandar.

This book is unlike other books that you read because it is alive. So we, the characters of the Living Tale, decided to host our own website and blog.

In the Den, you will find special sneak peeks into Henley & the Book of Heroes and other books in the series.

You’ll find our blog in the Refreshing; that’s Spandar’s domain. You’ll meet him in the Book of Heroes. From time to time, we’ll also have special appearances from other characters from the book — maybe even Grandpa.

You can also meet the author, Dr. Jane, at The Scribe page.